Tigery’s Tale, As Told By The Five-Year-Old


One morning, while we were taking an inventory of The Five-Year-Old’s stuffed animals, she paused to tell me a story about one of them.

Tigery’s Tale
By The Five-Year-Old

Here’s the whole story of Tigery’s life.

For about a million years of it, she was a music teacher. She sang her class a song and they had to copy her. They practiced and practiced and sang too loud.

This is the song:

You have to do things sometimes you don’t want to
The things you don’t want to do you really have to do ’em
Like going to the grocery store

They were scared of her. A few people took her to the store to be sold and she cried and cried and cried because she thought she’d be boughten (sic) by someone she didn’t like, but she loved me. She reached out her paws and grabbed for me and I hugged her.

And that’s how I got Tigery.

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