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The Five-Year-Old takes a stand: “No killing tigers. Period.”

I’m still working flat-out trying to catch up from last week’s vacation, but that’s ok, because The Five-Year-Old has commandeered Caterpickles this morning for a Public Service Announcement.

(Sign: The Five-Year-Old. Photo: Mommyo.)

(Sign: The Five-Year-Old. Photo: Mommyo.)

The Five-Year-Old, passionately: “Tigers have more reason to fear us than we have to fear them. I really hate it when they kill tigers. Let’s stop tiger hunting. No killing tigers, period. If I’m President, I’m banning it and giving poachers 100 years in prison. That’ll free America from it.”

The Five-Year-Old feels so strongly about this issue that she has saved her allowance for 10 weeks to adopt a tiger through the World Wildlife Fund. If you would like to join the Five-Year-Old in helping the tigers, we encourage you to consider donating to the World Wildlife Fund as well.

The Five-Year-Old: “This is a huge emergency, Mommyo. I have to save a species.”

Photo: World Wildlife Fund

Photo: World Wildlife Fund

Poaching is the greatest threat to the 3,200 tigers remaining in the wild.

It’s not just about the pelts. Poachers sell every part of these gorgeous cats — from their whiskers to their tails — in illegal wildlife markets. Learn more about how you can help stop poaching.

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