It’s a long weekend…

So I’ve turned the blog over to The Four-Year-Old. As I type, she is busily rolling the Story Cubes looking for a good story to fall out.

Ah. Looks like she found one. Here we go…

Once upon a time, a little girl was sleeping under the tree  on the big green Earth  with her pet bug Shoshaka. . Then the girl woke up and saw a shooting star in the morning. She said, “What the heck? Is it still night?” And then she and her pet bug counted  the leaves on the tree she was sleeping under.

She found a beautiful fish  called Shalakafish. The fish was lost so she took Shalakafish home. And the friendly thunder helped her. The friendly police bee tried to help too, but the girl ignored him. They all went home to their castle and left footprints  behind them.

The End.

Happy Day After Thanksgiving, y’all.

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    • Will do. She’s got the cubes out again this morning and is hard at work on another story. She doesn’t want me to write it down though, as she is going to simply tell it in pictures she draws herself. All I can tell you t is what she’s told me: “It’s rated PG because of the crying.”


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