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In which my daughter rolls some dice and tells a story

Caterpickles wishes a very happy Labor Day to our US readers, and offers a gentle recommendation for those of you whose family gatherings may have as many conversational landmines as relatives.

Recently, we acquired a little game called Rory’s Story Cubes. It consists of 9 six-sided dice. On each side of the dice is a different image. To play the game, you roll the dice and tell a story that links the images. No reading required, which makes this a great game for adults to play with, say, preschoolers.

My daughter and I were playing a round of Story Cubes the other night when she rolled this series of images:

A veteran player with two whole rounds of Story Cube under her belt, my daughter launched right into the following story, placing the cubes neatly into a row as she used them:

Once upon a time, the police bees called on the phone a lot of times from a plane.

“Is the bad guy there?”



“Bad guy there?”



“Bad guy there?”



They were calling from the plane during a lightning storm. There were power outages, so they had to use a flashlight. Then a monster came and scared the police bees, so they captured him and took him to jail.

The monster’s name was “Leo.”

The middle name of the monster was “Firetruck.”

The ending name was “Water Fountain Blah Blah Blah Shooting Star Star Sweeper and Callamungus.”

Then rain came and made a rainbow in the sky that grew some sunflowers  early in the summer by the collapsing stage.”

We here at Caterpickles Central strongly encourage you to try this at home.

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