A good photojournalist is always prepared

What The Five-Year-Old carries (Image: Mommyo)

Last weekend, Mommyo found The Five-Year-Old in the entryway busily stocking her backpack with gear for our trip to the New Bedford Summerfest, and as Mommyos will do, felt compelled to give advice.

Mommyo: “The Five-Year-Old, if you’re going to put your water bottle next to your camera, you need to be sure the cap is screwed on tight.”

The Five-Year-Old: “Why?”

Mommyo: “Why do you think?”

The Five-Year-Old: “Because it might leak and then water would get all over my camera and break it forever.”

Pause. The Five-Year-Old, aghast: “And then I couldn’t be a journalist any more!”

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