“What’s that red stuff coming out of the cat’s eye?”

I can't imagine what Cozy has to be so stressed about. Can you? (And yes, that is a hand-knit apple cap. What's your point? Don't you know winter's coming?)

I know what you’re thinking. I can hear you from here. “For heaven’s sake, woman! Get that cat to a vet! Don’t sit around blogging about it!”

And while in general I would agree with you, in this particular case, the red stuff in question was due to a previously diagnosed condition and not the result of an unfortunate Preschooler-Cat interaction.

My most-likely-seventeen-year-old cat has long suffered from recurrent bouts of what my vet tells me is Chlamydophila. In his case, when he gets stressed a clear discharge comes out of his left eye. Over time the discharge turns dark, and then eventually it stops. It doesn’t seem to bother him when it happens, so we’ve left it alone (aside from cleaning off the gunk periodically when it builds up).

Of course, if it had been anything else, I would take him to the vet immediately. You don’t mess around with eyes.

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