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What to Do with Granola Bars of Dubious Origin

Last weekend, I decided it was time to clean out our snack cupboard of all the open boxes of processed foods that we’ve tried and rejected over the past few months.

Mommyo, surveying the wasteland of rejected snacks: “The Six-Year-Old, do you like these Granola-Bars-of-Dubious-Origin?”

The Six-Year-Old, with feeling: “I hate them!”

Mommyo, musingly: “I bought them because Someone-We-Know loves them. But I don’t really like them either. Maybe I’ll put them in the car and hand them out instead of money to homeless people we pass on the streets.”

The Six-Year-Old, horrified: “What a terrible thing to do to someone!”

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3 Responses to “What to Do with Granola Bars of Dubious Origin”

    • Shala Howell

      Hi Cathy! How are you?

      The 6YO and I bought the mini-version of your Regal Rabbit from the Dedham Public Art Project recently, so we think of you and your girls (and your dog, of course) often.

      Hope you are all surviving the winter.


      • Cathy Gruetzke-blais

        yes, but cold and snowy! That’s nice that you bought one (I did too:) I am designing a window display with a scientist in Cambridge right now for the Cambridge Science Festival’s “Central Elements”…it will be about carbon. Event in April. Keeping busy! as are you!


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