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Merry Christmas, from all of us at Caterpickles Central

May your Cat TV be merry and bright this holiday season! Thanks for spending time with us at Caterpickles this year. Related Links: More Christmas posts on Caterpickles, including the classic “Does Santa spend the rest of the year sleeping?”

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“Can cats smell stress?”

I can tell my daughter is growing up because she’s starting to experience a bit of emotional turbulence again. She knows we love her regardless, but sometimes she’s not sure about our cat, Canelo. He is not always patient with … Continue reading

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“Did Isaac Newton invent the cat door?”

In which my daughter learns that you can’t believe everything you read in books. Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Whatcha doing, CatMom?

In which Canelo’s curiosity gets the better of me. Continue reading

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Caterpickles Cleans House, Part 5

How did grapefruit get their name? Why do cats have three eyelids? And why are they called wisdom teeth anyway? Today I answer multiple questions briefly in the hopes of clearing the decks a bit before summer. Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: How to Speak Cat

“Helpful” Related Links:  More Canelo on Caterpickles      

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Wordless Wednesday: Stealthy

Just like Wonder Woman’s invisible plane, no one will ever see Canelo coming in his clear plastic storage tote. Related Links:  More Wordless Wednesday on Caterpickles

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Throwback Thursday: “Did kittens get their name in Britain?”

This week’s Throwback Thursday post was originally published on April 12, 2012, when The Nine-Year-Old was only five. Sometime last year, The Five-Year-Old discovered the highly informative children’s book series “The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That.” The … Continue reading

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(almost) Wordless Wednesday: Canelo picks his favorite book

When my daughter’s babysitter cleaned out her bookshelf, she very kindly offered The Nine-Year-Old the pick of her collection — including an astounding number of Warriors books by Erin Hunter. (Best babysitter ever!) Faced with such riches, The Nine-Year-Old is … Continue reading

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Look what the 9YO left on my computer this time

I wonder which book inspired this? Also, Admiral Canelo is going to have to learn not to leave his Top Secret CAT-FACE files open on a shared computer if he wants to keep his Level 12 Security Clearance. Related Links: More … Continue reading

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