In which my daughter rolls some dice and tells yet another story

Happy Halloween, Caterpickles!

I am turning the blog over to The Four-Year-Old today, so that I can focus on things like poofing The Four-Year-Old’s Elvis wig and starching her white rhinestone jumpsuit for tonight.

As previous Caterpickles have noted, my daughter loves playing Story Cubes. She is busily rolling the cubes even as I type, looking for a story that can accommodate the return of the  famous police bees (perhaps my favorite of all of my daughter’s literary creations).

And it looks like she found one:

So without any further ado, enter The Four-Year-Old, stage right:

Once upon a time, there was a police bee  and a cannonball shot. The hand that carried the fish onto an airplane that had fallen out of the sky was as tall as a building . There was a bad guy who tried to rob Leo the Lion . Leo threw a cannonball and an arrow at the bad guy. The bad guy fell into a stream of water and had to use a passport  to get out.

Exit, pursued by a Sproing Cat.

Have you tried this at home yet?

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