In which my daughter rolls some dice and tells yet another story

Happy Halloween, Caterpickles!

I am turning the blog over to The Four-Year-Old today, so that I can focus on things like poofing The Four-Year-Old’s Elvis wig and starching her white rhinestone jumpsuit for tonight.

As previous Caterpickles have noted, my daughter loves playing Story Cubes. She is busily rolling the cubes even as I type, looking for a story that can accommodate the return of the  famous police bees (perhaps my favorite of all of my daughter’s literary creations).

And it looks like she found one:

So without any further ado, enter The Four-Year-Old, stage right:

Once upon a time, there was a police bee  and a cannonball shot. The hand that carried the fish onto an airplane that had fallen out of the sky was as tall as a building . There was a bad guy who tried to rob Leo the Lion . Leo threw a cannonball and an arrow at the bad guy. The bad guy fell into a stream of water and had to use a passport  to get out.

Exit, pursued by a Sproing Cat.

Have you tried this at home yet?


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Writer of things ranging from optical network switching white papers to genetic testing patient education materials to historical fiction set in an 1880s asylum. When I’m not scratching my head over pesky characters who refuse to do things how I want them done or dreaming of my next book (which will of course be much easier to write than the current one), my writerly self can be found blogging about life with a very curious Ten-Year-Old at, or musing about books and the writing life at
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