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In Which My Daughter Explores the Fuzzy Logic of Cat Math

an fuzzy logic equation applied to the problem of how many girl kittens and boy kittens are in the players set.

Equation/Image Credit: P.S. Phillips

My daughter’s favorite car game at the moment is spotting satellite dishes on the homes and businesses we drive by. She’s very good at it, much better than either of her parents, who tend to be easily distracted by shiny objects on the road.

When her father is with us, we divide into two teams (girls against boy, naturally).  Last week, as my daughter and I were driving into town, she informed me that the teams for that day’s satellite dish hunting competition would still be boys against girls, even though her father wasn’t in the car at the time.

My daughter: “So you and I are on the same team.”

Me: “Huh. Who are we playing against?”

My daughter: “My kittens.”

Me: “How many kittens are there?”

My daughter: “I have 100 kittens. 200 girl kittens and 200 boy kittens. But the girl kittens don’t want to play.”

Satellite Dishes on the side of a brick building

“Satellite Dish!” (Image by eisenbergalex via Flickr)

So, what about you? How do/did you keep your young ones entertained in the car?

3 Responses to “In Which My Daughter Explores the Fuzzy Logic of Cat Math”

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  3. Kate's Bookshelf

    And I thought just spotting license plates from other states was interesting…. She has me beat by a long shot there. (I busted up laughing this morning reading this post and the one about imaginary friends. )



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