“Daddyo, do you have an imaginary friend?”

Overheard in The Five-Year-Old’s room during storytime…

The Five-Year-Old, curiously: “Daddyo, do you have an imaginary friend?”

Daddyo, carefully: “No.”

The Five-Year-Old, sadly: “Oh.”

A slight pause and then The Five-Year-Old, brightly: “How about I give you one of my kittens. It hasn’t been named. You could give it a name.”

The approximate number of imaginary kittens The Five-Year-Old has available for adoption at any given time. (Equation/Image Credit: P.S. Phillips)

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  1. My sister has at least 5 imaginary friends, whom we all know by name. (she plays games against them, monopoly being one of her favorites)
    I absolutely loved how the 5YO wants to give her dad one of her ‘kittens’.

    And on a side note, this would make a wonderful children’s story. May I borrow it and play around with the idea? I’m not sure if I can come up with anything better than what is so funny/adorable here, but I’d like to try.


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