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Merry Christmas!

Well, you’ve gone and done it — spent another year reading Caterpickles. We’re awfully glad you did, and to show our appreciation, The Seven-Year-Old wants to…

closeup of a bronze artwork showing the child Jesus

“Why do some people call Santa Kris Kringle?”

While we were driving through Orland Park a few weeks ago, we passed the Kris Kringle Haus, a holiday pop-up store specializing in European and American-made Christmas goods. It was obvious to The Seven-Year-Old that this merry little store was just the place to do a bit of Christmas shopping, but one thing was a little confusing.
The Seven-Year-Old, curiously: “Who’s Kris Kringle?”

Classic Caterpickles: “Why does Santa miss some kids?”

While I enjoy all the rituals around Santa and the Easter Bunny, it is undoubtedly harder to teach your child that it’s important to care for others when your child’s world is populated by magical beings who are perfectly capable of doing all that work on their own. Here’s how I explained to my five-year-old why we can’t just sit back and expect someone else to do all the work of caring for others.