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What’s The Nine-Year-Old reading this week?

This week, the 9 year old flits from math to science fiction to wondering in her reading. Join us for her reviews of Math for Kids & Other People Too! by Theoni Pappas, The Time Warp Trio by Jon Scieszka, and The Big Book of Why by the Editors of Time for Kids Magazine.

The 5 best books of The Nine-Year-Old’s year (so far)

This weekend, I found The Nine-Year-Old in her reading nook puzzling over a stack of books. Every once in a while she’d put one in her mini steamer trunk. The rest she scattered over the sides of couches, across the floor, and next to her bean bag. In a valiant attempt not to derail whatever magic was going on in her brain with an untimely shriek of “Are you going to pick those up?”, I asked her what she was doing.

“Picking out my five favorite books of the year,” she replied. Now that was a project I could get behind.

What’s The Eight-Year-Old reading this week?

Regular readers will recall that last week, The Eight-Year-Old took a firm stand on the subject of No Chapter Books on Spring Break Week. Spring Break would be All Comic Books All the Time, Mommyo, and There’s Nothing You Can Do About It Except Read One With Me. Well, imagine my surprise when I caught The Eight-Year-Old on our Very Large Red Reading Couch with a copy of Al Capone Does My Shirts.

What’s The Eight-Year-Old reading this week?

Our mostly-weekly survey of the tidbits that cross The Eight-Year-Old’s desk. This week, The Eight-Year-Old boards Howl’s Moving Castle, travels by airship in The Journals of Thaddeaus Shockpocket, and provides friendly encouragement to Kenneth Graham’s Reluctant Dragon.