What’s The Eight-Year-Old reading this week?

feb12Our mostly-weekly survey of the tidbits that cross The Eight-Year-Old’s desk. This week, The Eight-Year-Old reads her first Terry Pratchett story. 

A sampling of this week’s books:

Our unusually happy reading streak continues this week with a momentous discovery. Terry Pratchett, one of my favorite fantasy writers, also wrote children’s books. What’s more, The Eight-Year-Old is exactly the right age to read them. This discovery prompted much joy on Mommyo’s part and launched more than a few giggles from The Eight-Year-Old, who read her first Terry Pratchett story on our Very Large and Very Red Reading Couch.

I’m going to be stuck with that couch forever now. The Eight-Year-Old has informed me that it’s hallowed ground.

In the news:

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