Deep within the realm of galaxies. I hope the weather’s clear the next new moon. I’m just sayin’.

Oh, and after 50+ years as a visual observer, I don’t know the names of hardly any of the stars. After 50 years of manually finding 2,000 faint fuzzy objects in the sky, I finally broke down and bought a digital setting circle setup for my telescope. However, when setting it up, each evening, I have to align it with two major stars. Of course, they use the “names” of the stars in the setup software. Now, here’s old Fred who doesn’t know diddly about star names! So, I had to look them all up on star charts and print those key stars out so I could find them all when I go out for an observing session. I know a few of them but if I’m ever in a situation where I have to pick and choose, I’m often lost. I know star patterns as well, but don’t ask me the constellations because half the time I get them wrong, or the wrong borders. Why? Because I don’t care!

I could never do the “Star Tours” our club puts on at outreach events we do every month. Yet when it comes to finding objects in the sky…