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poppies along a wooden fence

Wordless Wednesday: Poppies!

I had stopped doing Wordless Wednesdays back in January, but I decided to resume them at least for the duration of the pandemic. I don’t know about you, but looking at pretty pictures gives me a moment of peace, and I could sure use a moment of peace at least once a week.

Yellow crocuses pushing up from a wintry brown soil.

What is a Victory Garden and do I need one to survive 2020?

Recently I’ve realized that the only thing worse for my mental health than Political Twitter is Coronavirus Twitter. To cheer myself up, I’ve started reading post-apocalyptic dystopian novels. I haven’t read that many yet, but I have read enough to notice that the just-in-time food supply rarely survives the first few chapters. That made me wonder… what if my best strategy for surviving an apocalypse is not merely to stockpile food, but to learn how to grow it?