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the black panther stalks over a green background

Wordless Wednesday: The Endangered Species Mural at Juana Briones Elementary School

One of the things I love about the public schools here in California is that the buildings are often covered with murals painted by the students. This week for Wordless Wednesday, I’m highlighting portions of the Endangered Species Mural at Juana Briones Elementary School. The mural was painted by the school’s fifth grade class of 1994. (Check the last picture for the list of artists.)

The Ten-Year-Old dressed up as a Thin Mint.

“Were Thin Mints really the third type of Girl Scout cookie ever introduced?”

It’s Girl Scout cookie season, and that means we get to talk to all sorts of Girl Scout alums about their experience selling cookies back in the day. This week, we met someone who claimed that Thin Mints are not only one of the most popular types of Girl Scout cookies, they’re also one of the oldest. So of course, we had to know: Were Thin Mints really only the third Girl Scout cookie to be introduced?