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Semi-Wordless Wednesday: My piano’s back!

(OK. Not wordless at all, but I’m too happy to only have pictures.)

When we moved to Chicago about a year ago, we rented a furnished place. Moving a piano is gruesome work and kind of hard on the piano, so we decided to store our ancient historically interesting (at least to me) Everett upright piano until we had found a place of our own.

My piano arrived Monday. There may have been some rejoicing.
b and the piano
On my part, anyway. As you can see, The Seven-Year-Old was extremely dubious about the prospects of getting the piano up all those stairs.

Our new condo is a third-floor walk-up, and turns out, The Seven-Year-Old was right. My old Everett wasn’t flexible enough to get around the turns in either the front or the back stairs, so the movers had to call a crane company to hoist it up to our back deck.
Piano hoisting
PianoAlmostThereMy piano wasn’t the only thing that had a bit of trouble making the turns Monday. It wasn’t at all clear that the crane was even going to make it into our alley.
CraneNaturally, once the piano was safely in its spot, I tested it to see whether it still worked (hey, you never know).

Man, that piano booms. I’d forgotten how loud it was. So very great for me. So very unfortunate for my neighbors, especially as we don’t have any rugs or couches in that room to dampen the sound–yet.

I don’t know whether to practice more so that I’ll become a tolerable enough player for an audience, or to subject my neighbors to only infrequent bouts of increasingly subpar playing. What to do, what to do… 🙂

Oh yeah, you know what I’m going to choose. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go choose some more of it.

Happy Wednesday!

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4 Responses to “Semi-Wordless Wednesday: My piano’s back!”

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