What’s The Seven-Year-Old reading this week?

It was so much fun diving into The Seven-Year-Old’s brain through the news she was thinking about last week, that I decided to make it a new semi-weekly feature. Here’s a look at some of the things that crossed The Seven-Year-Old’s desk this week.

In the news:

Extinct Mega-Rodent Had Teeth Like Elephant Tusks
(LiveScience via Yahoo! News)
A buffalo-sized rodent with giant tusks and the biting force of a large tiger. Let’s just take a moment and be grateful that sucker died out.
50-foot long ‘dragon’ dinosaur discovered in China
(CNET via loyal reader and crafting genius behind SumoPeanut, Aunt Vic)
Have they finally discovered the dinosaur bones that inspired a world’s worth of dragon stories? Spoiler alert: The Seven-Year-Old isn’t buying it. “That guy doesn’t look anything like a Chinese lung [dragon].”
Viking-era replica part of exhibit opening at Field Museum Feb 27
(Chicago Sun-Times)
We wandered by the plastic encasing around this potentially bug-infested Viking canoe while at the Field this weekend. (The Field is offering free admission for Illinois residents in February! Why aren’t you there?) Everyone in the family is ridiculously excited. This article has lots of pictures of them moving the canoe into the Field. There are cranes. We here at the Caterpickles Institute for Seven-Year-Olds are also fond of moving very heavy things with cranes.

A sampling of this week’s books:

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