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Wordless Wednesday: The Seven-Year-Old drops a hint

Or, what I found on my desk when I sat down to work this morning.

(Art: The Seven-Year-Old Howell)

(Art: The Seven-Year-Old Howell)

Guess she’s tired of waiting. I know this breaks the rules of Wordless Wednesday, but I haven’t been around for a while. Here’s what I’ve been doing:

  • Managing painters, plumbers, electricians, and flooring guys
  • Hiring movers
  • Packing up our current place
  • Cleaning/prepping our new place (we move again in June)
  • Paying taxes (in three states!)
  • Camp NaNoWriMo (a mini-National Novel Writing Month event held in April)
  • Trying to figure out how donations work in Chicago
  • Trying to figure out how emotions translate into body language and how body language translates into words on a page
  • Binge reading Elizabeth George mysteries
  • Debating with Daddyo on the ideal functionality of a master bathroom

Here’s what I’ve not been doing:

  • Caterpickles

Sadly (?), all my spare words have been going to my novel lately. Hopefully I’ll return to my regularly scheduled blogging output soon. In the meantime, enjoy the spring!

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5 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: The Seven-Year-Old drops a hint”

  1. rayworth1973

    Just a subtle little hint! I was wondering what happened to you. Plus, you’re writing other stuff. Good. So, is the new place in Chicagee? Or, are you leaving the windy city?


    • Shala Howell

      Good to hear from you! No, we are staying in Chicago. Just moving from the place we are renting to a condo we bought. Hoping this will be the last move for a while.

      How are things out west?


      • rayworth1973

        Outside of a family crisis with my granddaughter in WV, okay. I just finished off a writer’s conference here in Las Vegas and queried four agents and got four positive responses with three separate genres. Still working on the sequel to my fantasy novel and now I’m writing Sunday articles about my life when we lived in Turkey for a web site called Let’s Talk Nevada when I’m not just writing whatever else strikes my fancy. Otherwise I’m either woodworking or out under a dark sky with my telescope. Yeah, I keep busy!


      • Shala Howell

        Wow! Congratulations on the positive responses. I’ll have to look up your articles. They sound pretty interesting. (Sorry for the slow response to your comment. I’ve been distracted with the move and so not paying nearly as much attention to Caterpickles as I wish I could.)


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