Through the Lens of The Five-Year-Old: The Bunny at Whole Foods

The Five-Year-Old at work. (Photo: Shala Howell)

For her first assignment as Caterpickles’ Official Junior Photojournalist, The Five-Year-Old is developing a 15-post Photo Documentary of the Dedham Shines Public Art Project going on this summer in nearby Dedham, Massachusetts.

This week on Through the Lens, The Five-Year-Old visits Townie, by Marietta Apollonio of the Dedham Square Artist Guild. Local readers can find Townie at the Dedham Whole Foods at Legacy Place.

In developing the design for Townie, Marietta wanted to recreate the experience of a journey, taking her viewers from town to city to countryside to the mountains and back again as they walked around her rabbit. Marietta, The Five-Year-Old and I think it worked.

(Photo: The Five-Year-Old)

The other side.

(Photo: The Five-Year-Old)

From the front.

(Photo: The Five-Year-Old)

And a closeup.

(Photo: The Five-Year-Old)
The Five-Year-Old thanking Townie for her cooperation during the photo shoot. (Photo: Shala Howell)

The Dedham Square Artist Guild has posted some videos of Marietta painting Townie on YouTube. You can find them at the Dedham Guild’s YouTube channel.

Be sure to stop by next week, when The Five-Year-Old visits the Peace Bunny at Oakdale Square.

Townie (c) 2012 Marietta Apollonio

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