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Hey, my book’s out!

We interrupt our move to California to let you know that the first installment in the Caterpickles Parenting Series is now available. That’s right, y’all, my book’s out. Short and sweet, What’s That, Mom?, contains 15 accessible, practical strategies for using public art to spark conversations with kids ages 3 – 10 — no artistic talent or insight required.

Some bunny’s 10!

Hint: Here she is, as a mere five-year-old, making a few preliminary sketches of Gary Koeppel’s Bunny in the Clouds during the 2012 Dedham Public Art Project. You…

Follow-up to a very old post on the Dedham Bunnies

Once upon a time, when The Seven-Year-Old was merely five, she accepted a temporary assignment as Caterpickles’ Official Junior Photojournalist. For her first assignment, The Five-Year-Old elected to develop a 15-post Photo Documentary of the Dedham Shines Public Art Project going on that summer in nearby Dedham, Massachusetts. One of the bunnies, the Race Car Rabbit, referenced a piece of Norwood’s past life as a NASCAR-racing town. And now there’s a documentary about Norwood’s stock car racing history.

Holiday Madness & Other News of the Week

Greetings from the one remaining corner of my home where there is room to seat both me and my computer. I really thought this decluttering stuff was supposed to create space. Instead, it seems to have completely eliminated it. I hope to have better news on this front next week. But in the meantime, here’s this week’s news party.

A small girl hugs a person in a giant rabbit suit.

Farewell to the Bunnies and Other News of the Week

Last week we bid a tearful goodbye to most of the wonderful Dedham bunnies at the Farewell to the Rabbits Open House at the First Church in Dedham. We also read lots of fascinating news stories, including the one about the WWII carrier pigeon discovered in a Surrey chimney and the rubber chicken which became a NASA celebrity.

The Bengal Bunny is a giant fiberglass rabbit painted to look like a bengal tiger.


Even a horrible cold couldn’t keep The Five-Year-Old from crashing the Dedham Fall Fair and Pumpkin Festival once she heard that the newly repaired Bengal Bunny would be there.