“What’s the oldest model car on the road today?”

The jeweled one-millionth Beetle (all chrome parts feature lots of sparkly glass beads). The Five-Year-Old: “I want that one, Mommyo. it’s my favorite color.” (Image: Mewtu)

The sighting of the year’s first Model T is always cause for celebration at Caterpickles Central, because it means summer is well and truly here. The antique roadsters have been out and about for weeks now, though, and the excitement of being the first to yell “Funky old car!” on spotting one is starting to pale.

The Five-Year-Old, after collecting her laurels for spotting a red roadster with an exposed motor: “Mommyo, what’s the oldest model car on the road today?”

Mommyo: “Well, it’s not that one. That looks like it was built using a kit. Maybe the Model T we saw last Sunday.”

The Five-Year-Old: “No, I mean the oldest car you can still buy today.”

Mommyo: “I don’t know. That Model T looked pretty old, and if I had enough money and a place to put it in the winter, I might buy it.”

The Five-Year-Old: “No. I mean cars they still make today.”

Mommyo: “Oh. I see. You mean the longest-running model.”

The Five-Year-Old, giving up: “Sure.”

I thought it might be the Ford Mustang, but I wasn’t sure, so I Asked the iPhone.

Turns out the Ford Mustang was first produced in 1964, making it an old and extremely successful model, but not the longest-running. According to Wikipedia, that honor belongs to the Volkswagen Beetle, which was first produced in 1938, and is still available, albeit in a slightly different design, today.

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