Breaking News Update: The Mars Rover Curiosity Launch Celebration Continues

The Four-Year-Old's Mars Rover Curiosity, seen here taking a soil sample from our much-abused playroom ottoman.

We interrupt our afternoon siesta (again) to bring you this breaking news update from The Four-Year-Old’s Mars Rover Curiosity Liftoff Celebration.

The Four-Year-Old has completed construction on a small-scale Mars Rover Curiosity, complete with laser scanners (not visible in this photo) to analyze Martian rocks and two cameras to aid in navigation. The remote control navigation system is not yet fully online; however, The Four-Year-Old plans to implement it by mid-afternoon. In this exclusive Caterpickles Central photo, you can see the Mars Rover Curiosity posing in front of Mommyo’s recently rebuilt MacBook Air.

The Four-Year-Old’s Curiosity has received such a warm reception that she has constructed an entire family of Mars Rovers, which she has named the Spirit, the Opportunity, and The Cat Curse.

In this exclusive photo, you can see the entire Rover family posing happily with their Mama Shuttle, whom they have recently rescued from an eternity trapped in a human museum.

We will bring you more on this story (including exclusive photos and coverage of the daring rescue) as it develops.

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