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In which a new Mommyo truism is born

Set of samplers based on a book of needlework ...

Recently, we acquired a 2012 Entertainment book in the hopes that it would have lots of great coupons The Four-Year-Old and I could use as we explore the world. So far, it seems to, so yay for us.

The Four-Year-Old is my official Entertainment Book Coupon Clipper-Outer, a responsibility she takes very seriously. Every morning she asks me if there are any coupons she can clip out for that day. If I say that we don’t need anything, she starts flipping through the book, pointing at coupons somewhat randomly.

The Four-Year-Old, armed with Four-Year-Old-sized green scissors: “Can I cut this coupon out?”

Mother, without even looking at the book: “No. We aren’t going there today, and I don’t want to lose it.”

The Four-Year-Old: “But it’s a place we never go to.”

Mother: “But the coupon is good for an entire year and it’s very hard to know all the places you’ll end up going in a year. Sometimes places we never go to are simply places we haven’t been to yet.”

Mother, struck by the profundity of her own thought, promptly ruins the effect of that thought by doing the New Mommyo Truism dance in the kitchen.

The Four-Year-Old, suitably unimpressed: “But we really never go there.”

Mother, exasperated, stops dancing: “And what is the Mommyo Truism about places like that? What is a place we never go to?”

The Four-Year-Old: “McDonald’s.”

(Image of two samplers based on Jenny Holzer truisms by artg33k.)

3 Responses to “In which a new Mommyo truism is born”

  1. Paul

    I like this new truism. I also like the one about elaboration. Of course I should explain, that I am a real offender in this regard. I have a tendency to go on and on.

    At length.

    Without knowing when to stop.



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