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Sugar Does a Body Good

Chocolate Candies in Pumpkin Pail

I hear the Sproing Cat News Network is predicting an extra cold winter this year. (Image by TheCulinaryGeek via Flickr)

The Four-Year-Old, munching contentedly on a milk chocolate pumpkin: “Mommyo, do you know why Sproing Cats eat a lot of sugar?”

Mother: “No.”

The Four-Year-Old, licking the last of the chocolate off her fingers: “Sproing Cats need a lot of sugar so they can grow their fur. It just starts in their belly and then poofs out all over the place.”

The Four-Year-Old, eying a package of Dots: “Mommyo, I need a lot of sugar for the winter.”

2 Responses to “Sugar Does a Body Good”

  1. Susan

    Hmm, not a bad hypothesis if she’s ever seen a cotton candy machine in action: sugar in, long hair-like material out.



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