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What’s The Ten-Year-Old reading this week?

The ability to explain complicated ideas in simple terms is a rare, but valuable skill. In Thing Explainer, Randall Munroe sets out to explain how complicated stuff like the microwave (food-heating radio box), the International Space Station (shared space house), and tectonic plates (the big flat rocks we live on) work using only the 1000 most commonly used words.

Irony. Defined.

 I find it fascinating to catch glimpses of what we were up to five years ago. This week, it’s Daddyo’s turn to be in the spotlight.…

Throwback Thursday: “Did kittens get their name in Britain?”

Sometime last year, The Five-Year-Old discovered the highly informative children’s book series “The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That.” The books relay all kinds of fun facts about the natural world in a Seussian rhyme scheme. The lively presentation has convinced The Five-Year-Old that words that rhyme have some special connection, if only she can find it. Recently, my daughter realized that kitten rhymes with Britain. So naturally she wanted to know, “Mommyo, did kittens get their name in Britain?”