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Irony. Defined.

 I find it fascinating to catch glimpses of what we were up to five years ago. This week, it’s Daddyo’s turn to be in the spotlight.…

Bacon vs. prosciutto

Mommyo, passing the plate of appetizers around the table: “The Seven-Year-Old, would you like some prosciutto? It’s like bacon, but doesn’t need to be cooked.” Daddyo,…

“What’s flotsam?”

On a road trip somewhere in the Midwest, The Eight-Year-Old asked, “What’s flotsam?” My husband promptly answered, “Jetsam’s brother.” I was all set to file this under Funny Stuff My Husband Says and use it as a quick and easy blog post, but then my husband had to ruin it. “But I bet they have technically different meanings. Mommyo, why don’t you look it up?” So, what is the difference between flotsam and jetsam anyway?

More fun with idioms

Overheard in the bike lock aisle of our local Target on a recent Saturday… Mommyo, sentimentally: “Daddyo, fourteen years ago today we were packing for our…

Jedi Word Tricks

The caffeine consumption at Caterpickles Central has gone up considerably since we decided to move to Chicago. Mommyo’s alone has more than doubled. Naturally, The Six-Year-Old…

Book cover for The Secret Staircase by Jill Barklem.

“What are crannies?”

Driving home from the Boston Public Library one day, I was evaluating the merits of the various nooks and crannies at the library as writing corners, when a small voice piped up from the back seat. “Mommyo, what’s a cranny?”