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“Did the Victorian-time people use duct tape?”

After presenting me with a Victorian necklace crafted of the finest rainbow-splattered duct tape and yellow construction paper, The Five-Year-Old was naturally concerned about the authenticity of her work. “Mommyo, did Victorians use duct tape?” I was pretty sure duct tape was invented after the world had said goodbye to Queen Victoria, but I had to look the exact date up.

“How do they make hollow chocolate bunnies?”

Last week, while shopping for staples in our local grocery store, we passed the unavoidable Easter candy aisle. The Four-Year-Old immediately snagged a huge chocolate bunny wrapped in gold foil. After gnawing her way through the wonderfully solid chocolate ears, The Four-Year-Old exclaimed in some surprise: “Mommyo! The head’s hollow! How do they do that?”

“What is cream of tartar?”

After she learned that we needed cream of tartar to make both snickerdoodles and homemade Play-doh, my four-year-old daughter naturally wanted to know more about this mysterious stuff. So did my husband. “What is cream of tartar anyway?” he asked a bit dubiously.

Don’t you fret

Preschooler on using metal cookie cutters to stamp shapes out of (cooled) homemade soaps: “I’ll stamp it myself, Mommyo. I’ll be careful. Don’t you fret.”