Applied Vocabulary, Episode 2: Camouflage

cam·ou·flage [kam-uh-flahzh]: noun*

  1. the act, means, or result of obscuring things to deceive an enemy
  2. concealment by some means that alters or obscures the appearance
  3. a device or stratagem used for concealment

As used in a sentence by The Six-Year-Old:

“I camouflaged the Big Book of Bunnies with a cat on the cover.”

The Big Book of Bunnies. (Art: The Six-Year-Old)

The Big Book of Bunnies. Camouflage in action. (Art: The Six-Year-Old)

Here endeth the lesson. You may now resume your regular weekend activities. 

*Definition from Edited a bit for brevity.

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I write about wildly curious kids, rabbits who hunt dragons, and 1880s Boston. When I’m not scratching my head over pesky characters who refuse to do things how I want them done or dreaming of my next book (which will of course be much easier to write than the current one), I blog about life with a very curious Ten-Year-Old at, muse about books and the writing life at, or tweet about books, writing, science, & things that make me smile at @shalahowell.
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