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poppies along a wooden fence

Wordless Wednesday: Poppies!

I had stopped doing Wordless Wednesdays back in January, but I decided to resume them at least for the duration of the pandemic. I don’t know about you, but looking at pretty pictures gives me a moment of peace, and I could sure use a moment of peace at least once a week.

Tweet from Dan Rather (@DanRather) reads: "Another day of uncertainty, tragedy. There's a feeling: Are those of us not deemed "essential" doing enough? Are we spending time productively? A reminder: Any day we don't get infected or infect others, that we protect our health system from being more burdened, is a good day."

Caterpickles Central Update

It’s been 33 days since we began sheltering in place. I suppose I should be using this time to write the next great American novel or taking my daughter’s education to the next level. Instead, I’m leaning into the idea that now is a great time to teach The 13-Year-Old some life skills, like how to manager her own schoolwork, clean her own bathroom, wash her own clothes, and regularly vacuum the chair(s) she likes to snack in.