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cast iron pan filled with homemade biscuits

“Why do my biscuits taste like metal?”

A few years ago, my husband began making biscuits on Saturday mornings. Although not all of his efforts have been equally delicious, we love starch in nearly all of its forms, so we happily ate the not-so-great batches to make room on the table for the even better batches to come. With one exception. The one and only batch of biscuits so horrible no amount of bacon could save them tasted like fluffy metal. How did that happen?

Yellow crocuses pushing up from a wintry brown soil.

What is a Victory Garden and do I need one to survive 2020?

Recently I’ve realized that the only thing worse for my mental health than Political Twitter is Coronavirus Twitter. To cheer myself up, I’ve started reading post-apocalyptic dystopian novels. I haven’t read that many yet, but I have read enough to notice that the just-in-time food supply rarely survives the first few chapters. That made me wonder… what if my best strategy for surviving an apocalypse is not merely to stockpile food, but to learn how to grow it?

Reading Goals 2020

The end of January is traditionally the time when I give up on whatever it is I’ve resolved to do differently this year. This year, I’m trying something different — not making the resolution until the end of January in the first place. Let’s see if that works. 🙂