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Tweet from Dan Rather (@DanRather) reads: "Another day of uncertainty, tragedy. There's a feeling: Are those of us not deemed "essential" doing enough? Are we spending time productively? A reminder: Any day we don't get infected or infect others, that we protect our health system from being more burdened, is a good day."

Caterpickles Central Update

It’s been 33 days since we began sheltering in place. I suppose I should be using this time to write the next great American novel or taking my daughter’s education to the next level. Instead, I’m leaning into the idea that now is a great time to teach The 13-Year-Old some life skills, like how to manager her own schoolwork, clean her own bathroom, wash her own clothes, and regularly vacuum the chair(s) she likes to snack in.

Bird of Paradise flower with an extra set of petals. Actually, maybe make that two extra sets?

"Will the FDIC really arrest me for an unpaid debt?"

We are on Day 8 of The Howells All Being Home At Once, and Day 4 of Santa Clara County Residents All Huddled Up Together in Their Separate Spaces. Today’s installment includes a warning about a new financial scam, a follow-up to a previous pandemic project, and other notes from our attempt to shelter in place. Stay safe out there, y’all.