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Some personal news… Update

Photo of the interior of a middle school library, showing the fiction stacks.

My new digs. (Photo: Shala Howell)

As I mentioned last month, I spent August working as a long-term substitute in my local middle school library. Turns out, I really love spending my days this way. So I applied for the job, and they decided they liked me well enough to keep me on. Which I guess means for the first time in almost fifteen years, I’ll have to stop describing myself as a full-time writer and start describing myself as a part-time middle school library assistant and writer. Honestly, that suits me just fine. 

As a practical matter, this likely means that in addition to the usual fare of book reviews and fun but impractical research here on Caterpickles, I’ll start writing about topics inspired by my experiences in a middle school library. For obvious reasons, I won’t be writing about the students themselves beyond generic references to the books I see them reading or the types of books they ask me to find. But I am planning to write very freely about the books I find buried in the stacks and the questions they raise about how we think about ourselves and our histories.

4 Responses to “Some personal news… Update”

  1. Roy Kerstiens

    Congratulations! I can tell you (from working in education for several years) that no two days are ever the same and it is never boring! I hope you get as much personal satisfaction from working with kids as I did. Again, congrats.

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