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Some personal news…

As you know, I’ve been volunteering at a local middle school library for a few years now. Recently, I was offered the chance to serve as a long-term substitute library assistant for the month of August in that very same library. Naturally, I said yes.

Which is why for the next month or so, this blog is likely to be mostly about books.

The kids come back on Wednesday. As my daughter would say, I have two feelings about this. On the one hand, I am so very excited to be back in this space that I love and cannot wait to start matching readers with their new favorite books again.

On the other hand, it seems pretty clear that kids do in fact catch and spread COVID. So there’s that. Guess I’m about to find out just how well masks + vaccines for folks 12 and up work in a school setting.

Fingers crossed that with appropriate precautions (vaccines, masks, hand washing, no face touching, and no licking of surfaces as my teacher buddies would say) it really is ok to resume enjoyable life again.

Me, with short hair and mask, standing in front of one of the biography stacks at the middle school library.
Me, in a quiet moment, before the hordes of eager readers arrive later this week. (Photo: Also me.)

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  1. Some personal news… Update | CATERPICKLES

    […] As I mentioned last month, I spent August working as a long-term substitute in my local middle school library. Turns out, I really love spending my days this way. So I applied for the job, and they decided they liked me well enough to keep me on. Which I guess means for the first time in almost fifteen years, I’ll have to stop describing myself as a full-time writer and start describing myself as a part-time middle school library assistant and writer. Honestly, that suits me just fine.  […]



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