We have landed!

The Ten-Year-Old explores the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. (Photo: Shala Howell)

After a week of driving and a couple of weeks of furious unpacking, Caterpickles Central (California edition) is finally in a state to allow for regular blog updates.

We saw many amazing things on our road trip, but my personal favorite were the Bonneville Salt Flats just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. I was completely unprepared for the sight of them. (If Mark Kurlansky talked about the salt flats in Salt, I certainly don’t remember it.)

The ground looked like it was covered in snow, it crunched like it was covered in snow, but somehow we were warm enough in short sleeves. I’m still having trouble processing it. So. Much. Salt.

Naturally, we passed a Morton’s salt processing plant on our way out of town.

Lots of other things to tell you about our road trip, but I’ll have to spool it out over a few posts. Writing words in sentences is hard. Especially when there’s a towering stack of cardboard just outside my door waiting to be dealt with.

So long for now.

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Remaining Box Count:

  • Downstairs: 50
  • Upstairs: 116
  • Garage: Too many to count

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