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What’s The Nine-Year-Old reading this week?

First Light by Rebecca Stead

first-lightWhat the book’s about:   Rebecca Stead’s young adult novel follows 12-year-old Peter on a trip to Greenland. His father, a glaciologist, and his mother, a genetic scientist are headed to Greenland to study the effects of global warming, and they are taking the family along.

Fourteen-year-old Thea is a member of a secret society that lives under the ice in Greenland. Thea longs for the world under the sun, and after finding a map leading to the surface, dares to go above ground.

There, Thea meets Peter. The two children find their lives unexpectedly intertwined. 

Why The Nine-Year-Old likes it: “This is a story that probably wouldn’t happen, but it’s got cool science in it, and I enjoy reading about that.”

Abrakapow by Isaiah Campbell

abrakapowWhat the book’s about: Middle-schooler and budding magician Maxine Larousse (aka “The Amazing Max”) moved from New York City to Texas when her father, Major Larousse was put in charge of a Nazi POW camp in Abilene. She wiles away her time in her desolate new town by practicing her illusions and putting on magic shows for her ferret, Houdini.

When Maxine puts on a magic show for the Nazi prisoners, the performance is a hit — until 12 prisoners escape during the final act. Can Maxine track them down?

This entertaining mystery is based on a true World War II story. How-to diagrams sprinkled throughout let curious readers try out some of Maxine’s tricks at home.

What The Nine-Year-Old likes about it: “I really like the way the tension is building. The Nazis have just escaped! I have to get back to reading now so I can see if Maxine finds them again.”

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