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What’s The Ten-Year-Old watching this week?

Disneynature’s Born in China 

As you know, The Ten-Year-Old adores tigers and feels passionately about supporting organizations like the World Wildlife Fund that work to help keep tigers around for future generations. So when she learned that part of the ticket proceeds from the opening week of Disneynature’s new movie, Born in China, would go to support the World Wildlife Fund, she asked me to skip the books for one week and tell you about this movie instead.

Narrated by John Krasinski from NBC’s “The Office,” Born in China traces a year in the life of some of the pandas, snow leopards, and monkeys living in the plateau and forest habitats of China.

If you are looking for a fun Earth Day activity, The Ten-Year-Old strongly recommends that you go see Born in China. Disneynature movies always include gorgeous visuals and a compelling storyline. Even better, while you’re absorbed by the challenges of raising a panda cub in that lovely but perilous landscape, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping to preserve those amazing snow leopards, pandas, and hopefully, tigers, you’re watching on-screen.

Born in China opens April 21. A portion of the proceeds from ticket sales between April 21 – April 27 will go to support the World Wildlife Fund’s efforts to restore habitats essential to the survival of the wild pandas and snow leopards featured in the film.

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