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“Mommyo, why aren’t you a Star Wars fan?”

a child's drawing of luke, r2d2, and c3po on Tattooine.

One of many pieces of Star Wars fan art created by The Five-Year-Old after watching Star Wars for the first time with her parents about three weeks ago. (Drawing: The Five-Year-Old Howell)

The Five-Year-Old, out of the blue: “Mommyo, why aren’t you a Star Wars fan?”

Mommyo, defensively: “I am a fan. Who told you I wasn’t?”

The Five-Year-Old, matter-of-factly: “Daddyo.”

Mommyo, huffily: “Well, I don’t know why he said that. I like Star Wars.”

The Five-Year-Old, accusingly: “So why didn’t you name me R2D2?”

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