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Funny things my husband says, Episode 1273804695

(Hey, we’ve been married a long time.)

Scene: Daddyo has left for work just a short hour before. He’s hardly even had time to get to the office yet, so when the phone rings and Caller ID says it’s him, I’m on high alert. Normally this means that he’s forgotten something despite our morning chorus of “Keys, Wallet, Pager, Phone!” (sung to the tune of “Heads, Shoulders, Knees & Toes”). I’ve already closed my computer and am halfway up the stairs to fetch my keys so I can bring whatever it is to him when he says: “Do you have a computer?”

Mommyo, snagging a pencil off a nearby bookshelf: “No. But I have a pencil.”

Daddyo, wryly: “Is it booted up?”

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