Your Tuesday Morning Bunny Update

The Bengal Bunny. (Photo: Shala Howell, Bengal Bunny (c) 2012 Salvatore D’Antona)

Although we haven’t been talking about them as much lately, a lot has been happening with the bunnies in the Dedham Public Art Project.

Bengal Bunny Update

Of course, the big news is that the Bengal Bunny is finally repaired, which means that The Five-Year-Old and I were finally able to see him in all his glory last Sunday. As far as we know, he won’t be reinstalled at Paul Park, but you will have a chance to see the Bengal Bunny at the Rabbit Farewell Event on November 3. And of course, if you win the raffle for the Bengal Bunny, you’ll be able to see him any time you please.

Race Car Rabbit Update

The other bunny vandalized this summer, the Race Car Rabbit, is undergoing repairs of his own. The artist plans to have the rabbit repaired in time for the Farewell Event on November 3 (more on that below).

The Peace Rabbit. (Photo: The Five-Year-Old, Leroy the Peace Rabbit (c) 2012 Jill Barry and Mike Glowacki)

Peace Rabbit Update

This week, Dedham Shines announced that they are planning to donate Leroy, the Peace Rabbit to the town of Dedham for permanent public display. Needless to say, The Five-Year-Old and I are extremely happy that we won’t have to say goodbye to this gorgeous bunny.

Online Auction in Progress

Dedham Shines is in the process of auctioning off most of the bunnies to raise funds to support future art projects in Dedham. The online auction started this past Saturday, October 20, and will continue through November 3. You can place your bid at the Dedham Public Art Project’s BiddingForGood page. (The only two bunnies not available for auction are the Bengal Bunny, which is being raffled off, and the Peace Rabbit, which is being donated to the town of Dedham.)

(Image: Dedham Shines via Facebook)

Paint Your Own Rabbit T-Shirt

If your child is anything like The Five-Year-Old, she’s been asking all summer to paint a rabbit of her own. Well, now she can. Dedham Shines has printed up a batch of paintable t-shirts and is selling them at the Dedham Farmer’s Market for just $10/each. You and your child can paint them on the spot with fabric markers or take them home for more elaborate design work.

Save the Date: Rabbit Farewell Event on November 3

Finally, everyone is invited to the Rabbit Farewell Open House on November 3 from 12-4 p.m. at the First Church in Dedham.  All 15 sculptures will be assembled in one location for the event. Come take pictures, learn about the artists, do some crafts, and monitor the final hours of the online auction. Auction and raffle winners will be announced at the event, but you do not have to be present to win. Suggested donation: $5/person, $10/family.  

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