Through the Lens of The Five-Year-Old: The Bunny at Dedham Crossing

This is Dedham Crossing (Photo: Shala Howell)

The thirteenth entry in The Five-Year-Old’s ongoing Photo Documentary series about the Dedham Public Art Project.

This week on Through the Lens, The Five-Year-Old visits Lady Bugs Bunny by Milton artist Susan Hoy. Local readers can find the bunny sitting in Dedham Crossing on High Street.

(Just in case that doesn’t ring any bells for you, Dedham Crossing is the section of downtown where High Street meets Harris and East Streets by the US1 bridge — you know, the bridge that was renovated a few years ago. There’s a garden there now featuring a very large clock and a bunny.)

As you can tell from her interview with the artists who made the Peace Rabbit, The Five-Year-Old is fascinated by the process of making these bunnies. Last week, we were indebted to Dedham Tales for details about the process Catherine Gruetzke-Blais used to create her Regal Rabbit.

This week our thanks go to Susan Hoy herself, who very kindly posted a series of pictures on PhotoSnack documenting the process of creating the Lady Bugs Bunny, and answered The Five-Year-Old’s question about why the flower doesn’t melt in the rain via Facebook. (Answer: It’s made from Magic Sculp, a two-part epoxy clay that hardens like a rock when mixed together. Fun fact: Dawn Scaltreto used Magic Sculp to make the spoiler on her Pete Hamilton Race Car Rabbit.)

The Five-Year-Old “zooming” her camera for a close-up. (Photo: Shala Howell)

When The Five-Year-Old saw Hoy’s PhotoSnack series, she couldn’t wait to get out into the field to document Lady Bugs Bunny herself. Unfortunately, the placement of the bunny at Dedham Crossing presented some challenges for The Five-Year-Old, when Mommyo again refused to allow her to trample on the plantings in pursuit of the perfect shot. Which is why this week’s close-ups aren’t very close-up, and there is no Bunny Eye View at all.

With that, The Five-Year-Old presents Susan Hoy’s Lady Bugs Bunny.

(Photo: The Five-Year-Old)

From the side.

(Photo: The Five-Year-Old)

From the other side.

(Photo: The Five-Year-Old)

From the back.

(Photo: The Five-Year-Old)

Your close-up.

(Photo: The Five-Year-Old)

Be sure to tune in next week, when The Five-Year-Old visits Totem, The Mother’s Rabbit by Martha Taylor.

Lady Bugs Bunny (c) 2012 Susan Hoy

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