Through the Lens of The Five-Year-Old: The Bunny at Dedham Library

The Five-Year-Old at work. Due to the temporary loss of her regular camera, The Five-Year-Old had to make do with Mommyo’s iPhone. Mommyo, meanwhile, had to use Daddyo’s very gigantic camera. (Photo: Shala Howell)

The tenth entry in The Five-Year-Old’s ongoing Photo Documentary series about the Dedham Public Art Project.

This week on Through the Lens, The Five-Year-Old visits “Not So Silent Spring” by Susan Angevin. Local readers can find the bunny sitting outside the Dedham Public Library at 43 Church Street.

Like so many of us, Susan Angevin balances her love of art with a day job–in Angevin’s case, as a non-profit consultant. Her artwork, which is mostly found in private collections, consists mainly of oil paintings inspired by poetry, nature, folks art, her travels, and what Angevin describes as the “stuff of daily life: a nuthatch, a dog, a chaotic landscape, a pastel-colored coastal village.”

Angevin’s love for the natural world around her shows clearly in her bunny, over which butterflies, geese, robins, catbirds, chickadees, mushrooms, herons, and owls frolic in a blue-green field.

According to her bio, Angevin hopes that her bunny inspires children to see and appreciate nature and the making of art. It’s working well for the Five-Year-Old, who broke out her Caterpickles Field Guild again after visiting Not So Silent Spring last week.

(Photo: The Five-Year-Old)

From the side.

(Photo: The Five-Year-Old)

From the other side.

(Photo: The Five-Year-Old)

From the back.

(Photo: The Five-Year-Old)

And your close-up.

(Photo: The Five-Year-Old)

And finally, The Bunny Eye-View.

(Photo: The Five-Year-Old)

Be sure to tune in next week, when The Five-Year-Old visits Jester by Liza Abelson.

Not So Silent Spring (c) 2012 Susan Angevin

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