The Sproing Cat’s Guide to Hunting with a Giganotosaur

A Giganotosaur at some museum somewhere. Small child (not The Five-Year-Old) presented for scale. (Image via Wikipedia)

This morning, when I came downstairs intent on rustling up a bit of breakfast, I found my daughter’s kitten class already well underway. This morning’s lesson was on hunting with a Giganotosaur, and seemed to consist mainly of my daughter running in circles around the house while shouting out various rules to her imaginary troupe of kittens and a juvenile Giganotosaur named Laura.

When The Five-Year-Old finally ran out of breath half an hour later, she asked me to write the rules down, so that she could use them with the next day’s kitten class. “I have lots and lots more kittens to teach, Mommyo.”

So without any further ado, Caterpickles presents The Sproing Cat’s Guide to Hunting with a Giganotosaur. (Forgotten what a Sproing Cat is? Click here.)

The Sproing Cat’s Guide to Hunting with a Giganotosaur

By The Five-Year-Old

Rule #1: Try to catch your prey by surprise. This can be especially challenging when you have a 13-ton Giganotosaur in your pack.

Rule #2: Sproing Cats hunt in big packs, and sometimes if you are in a big big big pack, that means hunting with mischievous folks.

Rule #3: Sproing Cats must turn quickly. Sproing Cats, unlike Giganotosaurs, are agile on their feet, and can catch all kinds of prey.

Rule #4: Sproing Cats must run fast to catch the prey.

Rule #5: You can rest when the prey rests.

(Copyright 2012 The Five-Year-Old. All rights reserved.)

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