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“When cats eat mice, do they eat the bones?”

“What? Did you run out of mice _again_, Cat Mom?”

Remember when I said I had a backlog of Mulberry-related incidents to work through? This is what I meant.

The Four-Year-Old: “Mommyo, would Mulberry eat mice?”

Mommyo: “Yes.”

The Four-Year-Old: “Why?”

Mommyo: “Because she’s a cat. Cats eat mice.”

The Four-Year-Old: “Does she eat the bones?”

Mommyo: “I don’t know.”

The Four-Year-Old: “Would you ask Caterpickles?”

When cats eat mice, do they eat the bones?

Sadly, the lady who writes Caterpickles didn’t know any more than I did. So I asked the iPhone, and found several sites that said yes, when cats eat mice, they eat the bones too. Which makes sense, I suppose, given that mice are so very small. It’s probably too much work to pick out the meat from the bones, even for a meticulous cat like Mulberry.

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