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In which The Four-Year-Old invents a new feline punishment

One of the few problems with having cats is that it makes doing yoga at home a hazardous occupation. Mulberry in particular takes fiendish delight in increasing the challenge with a well-timed and precisely targeted head bump.

My balance in Tree Pose is precarious at best, and I rarely need an affectionate cat’s help in toppling over.

“You’d better move, Mulberry,” I said one morning, wobbling desperately in an effort not to plant my foot squarely on my arthritic cat’s spine.

“Yes, Mulberry,” chimed in The Four-Year-Old, who finds Tree Pose ever so much more boring than Hungry Lion. “You’d better move or I’ll put a fire hat on you.”

Needless to say, there was an epic Mommyo collapse.

No cats or Four-Year-Olds were externally damaged in the fall, although there was a bit of indignant stalking off to the sound of some rather raucous laughter.

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all.

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