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An Interview with The Four-Year-Old

I’m borrowing this idea from Susan, a friend of a friend who writes theskyislaughing, a blog mostly about her adopted daughter, Selam, but also about writing, cats, faith, and Diet Coke. On New Year’s Eve, she posted an interview with her daughter. Apparently, The Very Best Moms interview their children once a year. Some do it on their child’s birthday. Others do it at the turning of the year.

I need a post for tomorrow, so I’m going to do it now.

Right now, The Four-Year-Old is 4 years and ten months, weighs 40 pounds and is about 44 inches tall.

How old are you?

Four and three-quarters

Which is better, being 3 or being 4?

Being three and four

What’s your favorite food?


What else do you like to eat?

Bananas and croutons

What is the best food Mommyo makes?

Cheese quesadillas

What is your favorite color?


What’s your favorite book?

Rainbow Fish

What’s your favorite toy?

My puppet T. Rex, Rainbow.

What’s your favorite costume?

The Elvis costume

What’s your favorite movie?

Busytown Mysteries

What’s your favorite TV Show?

NOVA (yes, that NOVA.)

Your favorite ice cream?

Chocolate chip with a sprinkled cone

What is your favorite song?

I have two of them: “Jailhouse Rock” and “A Little Less Conversation” (both by Elvis, naturally.)

What is your favorite dance?

The silly cat dance

What’s your favorite class in school?

The cat game Foon-Foos

What would you change about preschool?


What is your favorite thing about Mommyo?

The hugs

What makes Mommyo mad?


What do you wish Mommyo would do?

Let me have two bowls of goldfish every day.

Where’s the best place for a The-Four-Year-Old and Mommyo trip?

Disney World

If you had a wish, what would you wish for?

I would wish to hug you a thousand times per day.

If you could go anyplace where would you go?


What do you want to be when you grow up?

A veterinarian

Advice for others on how to be happy:

I don’t really know. [They should listen to] Elvis music or Pierce Pettis music. Actually, I mean Brad Paisley.

6 Responses to “An Interview with The Four-Year-Old”

  1. Amy Reed

    Great idea! I’ll have to do that soon. I enjoyed hearing her responses. Does she watch the Universe on Discovery? That is one of N’s favorites.



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