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The planet of Stuck-In-The-Muck

Time is a bit short around Caterpickles Central this week, what with two major deadlines coming up on Friday, so I’m going to let The Four-Year-Old commandeer the blog for another story. Regularly scheduled book reviews will return next week.

The Four-Year-Old, playing with a school bus and a car made of Lego blocks: “The cars are going on an epic journey, Mommyo. Do you know where the cars are journeying epically to?”

Mother shakes her head.

The Four-Year-Old: “Some place very far away. The planet of Stuck-In-The-Muck, I think.”

The Four-Year-Old disappears behind the couch. Swooshing sounds, and then: “At least we are in space now. I can make it to places from there.”

More swooshing, then an excited voice: “Whoa! That was amazing!”

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