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What We Did On Our Summer Vacation

My birthday falls at the end of July, and the timing of it has always made me a bit plaintive. Growing up in the South, my birthday was tainted by the realization that there were only a few short weeks of carefree summer days left before school started up once again.

Living in the North, the sadness has a slightly different cast. It’s no longer the start of school I dread, but the fact that we have only one more month of reliably warm weather before the cold sets in. Yes, I love the bright colors of fall, but where there’s fall, winter is sure to follow. And Spring doesn’t come in March up here, no matter what the calendar and native Bostonians say.

This year, though, instead of spending the month of August counting the waning days until the arrival of the first frost and the new school year, I intend to spend the month celebrating the season still upon us. So, starting tomorrow, I’ll begin an intermittent series of posts chronicling what we did this summer.

I’d love to pretend that I’m doing this series because it will somehow be useful for you–giving you ideas for your next New England vacation, perhaps. While I will do my best to tell you what you need to know to visit these spots on your own, honesty compels me to admit that I’m writing these posts simply because I love summer in New England, and this series gives me a way to savor it before it’s gone.

What are you thinking?

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