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The Ten-Year-Old dressed up as a Thin Mint.

“Were Thin Mints really the third type of Girl Scout cookie ever introduced?”

It’s Girl Scout cookie season, and that means we get to talk to all sorts of Girl Scout alums about their experience selling cookies back in the day. This week, we met someone who claimed that Thin Mints are not only one of the most popular types of Girl Scout cookies, they’re also one of the oldest. So of course, we had to know: Were Thin Mints really only the third Girl Scout cookie to be introduced?

Vintage candy label shows santa clause in a green sled being pulled by one reindeer.

“What’s a sugar plum, and why does it get its own fairy?”

The holidays have finally struck here at Caterpickles Central. I wasn’t entirely sure it was going to happen this year, seeing as how there are still flowers blooming outside our front door, but I chaperoned The Ten-Year-Old’s field trip to see The Nutcracker last week, and now I’ve got questions about sugar plums dancing in my head. What is a sugar plum, and why does it get its own fairy?

“Has anyone ever committed a robbery while armed with a cow?”

When she was ten, my daughter founded a detective agency with a crimson dragon named Cherry Lane. Their first client was another dragon who was accused of committing armed robbery using a cow. The Ten-Year-Old has been tasked with researching the various precedents associated with the case. “Mommyo, has anyone ever committed a robbery while armed with a cow?” Turns out, cows make surprisingly good weapons.

“Did Isaac Newton invent the cat door?”

During a recent bout of Family Togetherness While Reading Different Books Time, my ten-year-old daughter had her mind blown by a passage in Amazing Cat Facts. “Whoa, guys, it says here that Isaac Newton invented the cat door.” For once, I was dubious. So I set aside my book and surreptitiously double-checked the story on my iPhone. Did Isaac Newton really invent the cat door?

“Did a cow invent the doughnut?”

One afternoon, while we were watching old episodes of┬áMurdoch Mysteries, The Ten-Year-Old had her mind blown by a stray comment from Constable George Crabtree. “Did you know that a cow invented the doughnut?” Crabtree asks Detective Murdoch at one point in the investigation. Curiosity trumps TV, even in the summer, so The Ten-Year-Old immediately stopped the action. “Mommyo, is that true? Did a cow really invent the doughnut?”

“Why did FDR use a wheelchair?”

Franklin D. Roosevelt was paralyzed from the waist down from the time he was 39, so used a wheelchair in private settings. He felt his disability was a disadvantage for his political career, however, so trained himself to walk using a cane and iron braces. Only 3 pictures of him in a wheelchair exist.