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The Six-Year-Old Watches Cartoons – “Superman Episode 3: The Arctic Giant” (1942) #ThrowbackThursday

Every Sunday afternoon (at least, every Sunday that we can manage it), our family clusters on the couch with a bowl of fresh-popped popcorn and proceeds to haggle over our Sunday Afternoon Movie. This week, Daddyo put together a montage of 1940s Superman cartoons. Watching the original Superman cartoons with The Six-Year-Old was much more fun than even my husband expected. My daughter comments freely on what she sees, and with Superman, what she saw was a lot of stuff people got wrong about dinosaurs.

Teaching The Eight-Year-Old to be a savvy spender, Part II

Here at Caterpickles Central, we believe that everyone in the family works together to keep our household functioning without expecting any particular compensation beyond having clean silverware to eat with, the ability to walk through the house without tripping, and clean clothes to wear.

So when we decided four years ago that The (then) Four-Year-Old was old enough to receive an allowance, we didn’t ask her to do any chores around the house to earn it. Instead, we decided to use the allowance simply to teach her how to manage money.