What’s The Eight-Year-Old reading this week?


Our mostly-weekly survey of the tidbits that cross The Eight-Year-Old’s desk. This week, The Eight-Year-Old reads every Horrible Harry book on her teacher’s bookshelf except one. 

A sampling of this week’s books:

Harry loves to do horrible things, and The Eight-Year-Old loves to read about him doing it. Every day this week, she brought home a different Horrible Harry book from the stash in her third grade classroom, and every day I heard her giggling her way through them all. Except for yesterday. Yesterday’s book was Horrible Harry and the Ant Invasion, and The Eight-Year-Old didn’t enjoy that one much at all.

The Eight-Year-Old’s review: “It was kind of creepy, Mommyo. Tell the folks at Caterpickles I think they should read all the Horrible Harry books except Ant Invasion.”

In the news:

One of my favorite things about having a longer walk to school this year is that it gives The Eight-Year-Old and I more time to talk about stuff. So much time, that we end up discussing news of the world at least twice a week. Here are some of the stories that caught our eye this week:

Note to parents: Although two of our stories come from it this week, Huffington Post is not a site you want your kids browsing on their own.

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Writer of things ranging from optical network switching white papers to genetic testing patient education materials to historical fiction set in an 1880s asylum. When I’m not scratching my head over pesky characters who refuse to do things how I want them done or dreaming of my next book (which will of course be much easier to write than the current one), my writerly self can be found blogging about life with a very curious Ten-Year-Old at Caterpickles.com, or musing about books and the writing life at BostonWriters.wordpress.com.
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4 Responses to What’s The Eight-Year-Old reading this week?

  1. bobraxton says:

    interesting the title is “this week” and the frequency is monthly.


    • Shala Howell says:

      Remember when our respective little ones were toddlers and everything was “this week” to them? I used to think the complete inability to tell time was a phase, but more and more I’ve come to realize that everyone here at Caterpickles Central suffers from it to some degree. Have a great weekend, and thanks for reading (and taking the time to comment). 🙂


  2. gatheringplaceseasonfour says:

    You are welcome. Grandson when he learned to walk – RAN. later when he learned to read, the same! Now he, too, is eight and if I were to try to keep up with him, it might be “what has he read Today.”


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