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Have you heard about the National Park’s free annual pass for fourth graders?

Just a quick post this morning to tell you about the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Every Kid in a Park program. In a nutshell, the program offers fourth graders (and 10-year-old home-schooled equivalents) a free annual pass to every national park in the U.S.

Big Bend, the Grand Canyon, Hot Springs, Mammoth Caves, Acadia National Park… whichever national park catches your fancy, this pass will get your fourth grader and a limited number of family members and friends free access to it.

Between now and August 31, 2019, your fourth grader can use their pass to:

  • Get free admission for themselves, any children under the age of 16, and up to three adults into any national park that charges individual entrance fees
  • Admit themselves, all children under 16, and all adults in one passenger vehicle for free to any park that charges vehicle entrance fees.

It’s a great deal and with a national park within two hours of every location in the United States, it’s definitely something parents of fourth graders will want to check out.

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3 Responses to “Have you heard about the National Park’s free annual pass for fourth graders?”

    • Shala Howell

      Believe me, I’m sad I didn’t know about this when my daughter was in 4th grade. That’s at least half the reason I posted it.

      I hear the Southern California deserts are having a glorious superbloom and an influx of butterflies. Are you getting anything similar where you are?

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  1. rayworth1973

    Around Southern Nevada, if you drive up toward Mt. Charleston and not all the way to the snow, or out of town just about any direction, there’s a bloom. Or, it’s really intense around Palmdale and the Antelope Valley in California, where I’m from originally. It’s especially dense in the west Antelope Valley. Wish it wasn’t so far to drive and see it, but now that my mom passed away, I don’t really have any excuse to go there anymore. Not until I publish Palmdale Gold, which will still not be for a couple of years going by my publishing schedule. I have to make do with the flowers around Las Vegas. If you drive to Death Valley, there’s also a super bloom that way, especially past Pahrump and Amargosa Valley.



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